We are looking for candidates who are world-class, believe anything is possible, who understand how to deliver the best experience, and who make smart decisions. We value your personality and attitude as much as your qualifications.

Why Work with 52TEN?

As a private real estate firm that acquires manufactured housing and RV communities throughout Arizona and the Southwest, we are fully integrated with internal marketing, capital management, asset management, property management, and finance. We are laser-focused on sustainable, meaningful growth. Our target: to acquire 52 properties in the next 10 years.

Without question, our team is the most important thing to our company, and you’ll feel like that when you’re here. We are unwavering in our commitment to our core values.

Who We Are

  • Boutique in size, but with the horsepower of a big company.
  • Innovative when it comes to software and technology.
  • A team within our business, and at each of our properties, is unmatched in the industry.
  • Believers in providing the tools to our team so you can be successful at your role within 52TEN but also to support your personal growth outside of office hours.

Who We’re Not

Narrow-minded. Small-picture thinkers. All business. Forgetful about our families. Mediocre as people. Easily shaken in our belief or our drive toward our goals. Uncaring of the people around us. Unwilling to learn from our mistakes. Dishonest in our business approach. Siloed in our team structure.

What We Offer

  • Competitive salaries and paid time off
  • Annual raises and performance bonuses
  • Contributions toward healthcare
  • Ownership in the properties we buy
  • Our promote-from-within priority
  • Flexibility on remote work
  • Select positions include your own office at our Scottsdale location