To learn how our investors view 52TEN’s mobile home park investment company, we surveyed investors in 2021 to allow them to candidly and anonymously answer a series of questions.

These are their unfiltered answers.

Why did you initially choose to invest with 52TEN?

  • The process was pretty transparent. Jack was great at returning my calls, explaining the process, and getting all my questions answered.
  • The communication with Nate and Jack was open and honest.
  • Experience and track record.
  • Liked the website and formed a positive impression from my phone conversation.
  • Clear communications. Felt good trust.
  • After interviewing both Jack and Nate, I felt very comfortable with their “executional intelligence”.
  • Trust of Jack and Nate, along with their track record of transparency and shared values.
  • Confidence in Jack and access to a direct line of communication to the principals whenever desired.
  • The comments from current investors that I spoke with.
  • The principals’ approach to the business and long term diversification.
  • The management, core values and the time time they take to educate prospective investors.
  • Recommended by my financial advisor and after meeting with Jack felt it was the right call.
  • Jack and Nate were easy to talk with and seemed trustworthy
  • I liked the size of the fund and that some deals had already been identified.
  • After my first consultation, I had all my questions answered and felt confident in my investment.
  • Neutral party administrator made it easier to know where my money was with a new partner.

Now that you’ve engaged with 52TEN, what are your favorite characteristics of the mobile home park investment?

  • That it’s passive income!
  • Very good financial results. Very good job sending the quarterly statements and keeping investors informed.
  • Consistent communication.
  • Yield and capital appreciation.
  • Proactive communication, easy online interface.
  • Performance. Communication. They do what they say they are going to do.
  • I really like the personal touch that Jack gives to the investment…and of course great cash flow as well as total return.
  • Sound business plan to improve each property to increase value and cash flow.
  • The video updates
  • Quarterly disbursements, ability to participate in the upside when a property sells.
    Recession proof and consistent good returns.
  • Reporting is wonderful, investments doing well, great people to work with.
  • Hands-on property management and operations, local connections, diligent and managed growth.
  • Very accessible, not just another investor.
  • Being as hands off or on as I want. Trust you guys to crush it and love the video updates.
  • Having my very own dashboard!
  • The feedback on the projects, the open communication, the feeling the projects are well-run and of course the return.
  • Very honest communication, great investor portal, happy with the returns.

Would you refer others to 52TEN? What are the top 3 reasons why or why not?

  • I appreciate the transparency, and I feel that it is a good return on investment.
  • I like the professionalism in managing the investments, keeping investors informed about the performances of all the properties.
  • Yield. Capital appreciation. Lack of heavy leverage.
  • Performance. Communication. They do what they say they are going to do.
  • Integrity, solid returns, conservative approach.
  • Good experience with principals. Good investment philosophy. Sound business plan. Capable of identifying good prospects.
  • ROI, honest and trustworthy, great communicators.
  • Good communication. Investments have been straightforward to understand.Have delivered on promises.
  • Superb reporting.
  • Honesty. Knowledge of mobile home park business. They forge relationships in that industry for potential gain.
  • Honesty and accessibility of principals.
  • Integrity of the owners, cash flow and investing in a segment of the real estate industry that I am not in.
  • Conservative fund with protected downside, and competent management.
  • They actually care about the investors and realize they are an integral part of business for success. Really do their homework.

If you’re a current investor and would like to share your feedback, we would love to hear from you.

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