52TEN was founded to create a better way
of investing for market cycles.

Remembering the 2008 recession, our founders developed 52TEN’s strategy so they and their investors will never have to worry about market volatility again.

Traditional investments can put investors at a disadvantage and their money at risk. 52TEN’s mobile home park investment company delivers a different experience.

Instead of worrying about losing money every time the market dips, our recession-resistant strategy provides stable cash flow and protection from the volatility of market cycles.

Instead of misaligned relationships between investors and advisors, we create a partnership with trust and transparency.

Instead of run-of-the-mill portfolios filled with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, we offer a lower-risk alternative that consistently delivers passive income, with a realistic opportunity for higher-than-projected returns.

Our mission is two-fold: provide investors predictable returns and the peace of mind they deserve.

The 52TEN Promise

At 52TEN, our promise to everyone we work with — from investor clients, to park owners, to our residents at each community— is that we will provide them with the best experience in the industry. For investors, this includes:

  • Full transparency with neutral party fund administration

  • Regular communication and direct access to our founders

  • Timely delivery of scheduled reporting, distributions, tax documents

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