February 1, 2020

Portland, OR – 52TEN, a mobile home and RV park investment firm, is pleased to announce its partnership with Redwood Real Estate Administration, which will offer professional administration to the Fund.

52TEN launched the Fund at the beginning of the year as a $10-million fund focused on recession resistant real estate and cash flow capable of weathering a recession. The Fund currently owns four parks in Arizona and anticipates the acquisition of three or four more parks before it closes.

52TEN, a Scottsdale based company led by the team of Jack Martin, and Nate Pattee is the General Partner for the Fund.

“The Fund will create diversification within an asset class that offers lower risk than other real estate,” says Jack, Principal at 52TEN, “Our investors have an ownership interest in the entire portfolio, which is much like a mutual fund of parks.”

Located in Portland, Oregon, Redwood Real Estate Administration currently administrates over $1 billion in assets and is the only administration company in America that focuses exclusively on small to mid-sized real estate funds. Redwood enhances investor confidence through transparency and technology-driven services that include:

  •  Streamlined investor onboarding and processing of capital
  • State of the art technology for document storage and signatures
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations
  • World-class investor reporting and account statements
  • Timely execution of quarterly distribution
  • Year-end tax support and dedicated fund accounting
  • Accurate calculation of investment values and complex waterfalls

Redwood also offers a secure investor portal with an online dashboard for each investor, where they can see investment value, watch performance, and access everything they need with respect to documents, timing, and distributions.

“It is more important than ever to be timely and accurate with reporting and accounting,” says Nate, Principal at 52TEN, “and working with Redwood allows us to deliver that to our investor partners.”

The recession-resistant strategy of the Fund is designed to provide protection, predictable income, and peace of mind through volatile market cycles. “This strategy is a conservative solution for times of economic volatility,” says Jack, “It’s an alternative that most people have not heard of, yet it’s one of the smartest defensive strategies in real estate.”

52TEN combines lower-risk, income-generating real estate with an investor-centric model and a disciplined business approach. 52TEN is focused on “experience” across all facets of the business, to include the residents and staff at the parks, their contractors and employees, and their investor partners, all of which should expect to receive best experience they’ve ever had.

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