August 1, 2023 | Scottsdale, AZ

New Fund Administration for 52TEN

Arizona-based investment firm reinforces its commitment to transparency and accuracy

52TEN, a firm specializing in mobile home park investments, has migrated to a new fund administration solution that includes InvestNext and Red Cedar Advisory Services.

InvestNext is a technology platform that provides investors with an intuitive online portal to onboard and manage their investments, while Red Cedar provides back-office accounting and fund administration.

“We were thoughtful about transparency and accuracy from day one,” said Jack Martin, 52TEN co-founder. “The opportunity to work with InvestNext and Red Cedar will allow us to improve the investor experience and add high-level advisory strength.”

The potential for standout returns and favorable tax benefits of real estate are attractive to investors, but it is critical to avoid bad actors and the possibility for Ponzi schemes. These risks can be mitigated by seeking investments where neutral-party administration is present.

In this environment, the real estate sponsor focuses on acquiring, managing, improving, and selling property, while the administrator is responsible for ensuring accuracy and on-time delivery of cash flow distributions, reporting, and year-end tax documents.

A fund administrator plays the role of neutral-party referee and reports exactly what happened, without a vested interest in the outcome. This provides the transparency and accuracy investors need to feel complete confidence in their investment.

“The tandem of InvestNext and Red Cedar offers the platform and experience we were looking for,” said Nate Pattee, 52TEN co-founder. “The technology simplifies the process, and this move will allow us to deliver an institutional-grade experience to our investors.”

52TEN combines lower-risk, income-generating mobile home park investments with an investor-centric model and a disciplined business approach. 52TEN seeks to deliver the “best experience” across all facets of its business, including residents, contractors, employees, and investor partners. Co-founded by Jack Martin and Nate Pattee in 2016, 52TEN focuses on recession-resistant investments that offer performance-based partnerships with trust and transparency.

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