Recently, 52TEN Co-founder, Jack Martin, was interviewed on the world’s longest-running real estate podcast, “The Best Ever Show.”

With market uncertainty on the rise, host Slocomb Reed’s questions focused on the recession-resistant investment opportunity mobile home parks provide and what sets this real estate class apart.

One particular hallmark of mobile home parks is their ability to drive consistent cashflow, regardless of market conditions.

“In 2020, ‘the Covid year,’ where most landlords were down 20, 30, 40% on their rent collections, we collected 99% of our rent,” Martin explained.

This characteristic has driven an increase in demand for mobile home park investment opportunities.

“From a capital allocation perspective, when we’re looking at investors that are seeking to get exposed to this asset class, I have more demand today than I’ve ever had,” Martin said.

Don’t miss this episode, and thanks again to Slocomb Reed for featuring 52TEN.

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