Jan. 14, 2021

52TEN Becomes Only Mobile Home Park Sponsor to be Verified by Verivest

Arizona-based mobile home park investment firm reinforces its commitment to transparency and accuracy with this added certification

Scottsdale, Ariz. – 52TEN, a firm specializing in mobile home park investments, is the only sponsor in the MHP investment space to be verified by Verivest. This verification offers current and prospective investors an exceptional level of transparency and trust.

“Verivest is bringing a long-overdue element to the marketplace: transparent investing. All the typical risks associated with investing in a real estate fund are mitigated by Verivest, so investors gain a high level of confidence when assessing an investment relationship with us,” said Jack Martin, 52TEN co-founder. “Most sponsors will never make the cut, so we are extremely honored to be selected as a client by Verivest.”

Middle-market real estate investing has never been more accessible to private investors than it is today. While all private investments involve risk, the potential for standout returns makes passive real estate funds a very attractive option for many investors. Unfortunately, this type of investment is also burdened by a fundamental and critical question: Who to trust?

Unlike the heavily-regulated public markets, the private market’s lack of transparency around track record and sponsor character invites bad actors and misinformation, and the burden of navigating the due diligence process falls on investors.

Verivest is a real estate investment platform built to take that burden off the investor and bring transparency to the private investment space. Verivest puts sponsors through a careful due-diligence process and ongoing portfolio monitoring while requiring sponsors to adhere to a code of conduct.

“Giving our investors the best experience is one of our primary brand values,” said Nate Pattee, 52TEN co-founder. “We are really good at what we do and work diligently and honestly to provide the best experience in the industry. Having a third-party certification that proves these efforts to our investors is incredibly valuable.”

Verivest, formerly Redwood Real Estate Administration, performed institutional-grade due diligence on 52TEN, its principals, and its portfolio of mobile home parks prior to awarding its “Verified by Verivest” badge. This due diligence is available to investors and will recur at regular intervals to maintain the verification.

Verivest also performs ongoing portfolio monitoring and oversight to ensure transparency and accuracy of distributions, as well as new-investor onboarding and compliance management. An online portal grants each investor access to quarterly statements and critical documents and allows 24/7 access to the performance of the investment.

“This is a game-changer for both the investor and the sponsor, and we are thrilled to be a part of the shift to a more transparent and accountable industry,” added Martin.

About 52TEN: 52TEN combines lower-risk, income-generating mobile home park investments with an investor-centric model and a disciplined business approach. 52TEN delivers the “best experience” across all facets of its business, including the residents and staff at its parks, contractors, employees, and investor partners. Co-founded by Jack Martin and Nate Pattee in 2016, 52TEN focuses on recession-resistant investments that offer performance-based partnerships with trust and transparency.

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