Invest. Improve. Enjoy.

52TEN specializes in identifying, acquiring, and repositioning mobile home communities, with a unique approach to acquisitions, asset management, and the investor experience.


While investment returns are a primary focus at 52TEN, the cornerstone of our approach to investing is risk management. This begins with focusing on recession-resistant mobile home parks in targeted markets where population and demand for affordable housing are both increasing. It continues with our “direct-to-owner” acquisition strategy that focuses on properties not currently for sale. It rounds off with thorough due diligence and conservative underwriting to minimize surprises.

The result is a quality portfolio and investor confidence in the stewardship of their capital. By partnering with 52TEN’s mobile home investment company, investors gain exposure to mobile home communities through an experienced sponsor who is adept at finding quality, value-add properties, repositioning them, and delivering a best-in-class investment experience.



We believe great investments begin with one smart decision and continue with a series of other smart decisions. These include choosing the correct strategy, taking the right actions to optimize the condition and performance of each property, and the courage to pivot when necessary. Our mobile home investment company was built on EOS, a proactive business architecture that allows companies to gain and maintain traction.

We chose this method because it facilitates the planning, control, and execution of every component of the business, down to the smallest detail at each property. This is how 52TEN delivers stable income and capital appreciation over the hold period, and achieves the highest risk-adjusted returns possible.



Our mission is two-fold: provide investors predictable returns and the peace of mind they deserve. Peace of mind begins with trust and transparency. The neutral party administrator monitors all financial aspects of the fund. This includes 100% portfolio monitoring, accurate distributions of cash flow, transparent reporting, return of capital, and waterfall management.

Our 52TEN promise is to provide the best experience for everyone involved in our business: investors, residents at each property, employees, contractors, and vendors. For our investor partners, that means timely delivery of reporting, distributions, tax documents, as well as direct access to our founders and a succession plan, just in case a tragedy should occur.


Invest Through Your IRA

Through a self-directed IRA or Solo 401k, investors can invest retirement dollars. Many investors chose this option as a way to build tax-deferred wealth.

A Trusted, Fair Relationship

Every community we acquire is carefully selected based on its ability to protect the investment and provide cash flow. Investors receive 100% of distributed cash flow until 52TEN meets performance hurdles. This incentivizes the improvement of cash flow, which impacts the value of the community and the overall return for investors.


“When you invest with 52TEN, you’re part of the transaction beyond the monetary investment. Jack and Nate consistently focus on improving operations to exceed anticipated returns. Their transparency keeps you engaged and informed throughout the process.”


“52TEN has continued to deliver above and beyond the projected profits. They always keep me updated on projects, and I know they  will do whatever it takes to stay true to their word.”


“52TEN would rather establish a long-term relationship benefitting every side of the transaction than sell you their next greatest opportunity. I have never lost a dollar of principal in the vehicles I have participated in with them, and have developed a friendship that goes beyond rate of return and payoff dates.”


Learn More and Get to Know Us

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