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Confidence with respect to return of capital begins with the intrinsic performance characteristics of mobile home parks (MHPs). Simply put, MHPs are more capable of weathering an economic storm than other real estate, so the risk of loss is significantly less.

The use of a neutral-party referee also reduces sponsor risk, as Verivest manages all aspects of the mobile home park fund. This includes 100% portfolio monitoring, accurate distributions of cash flow, transparent reporting, return of capital, and waterfall management.

By doing what we promise: to be a good steward of investor capital. That means reporting and distributing every 90 days like clockwork, and delivering tax documents in a timely fashion. It means keeping investors informed at every step of the way and allowing direct access to principals at all times. It means being responsive and working to assist investors when a problem arises.
The target IRR of our mobile home park investment fund is 14-16% depending on the class of interests. There is no ceiling on returns to investors.
Yes, the first full-cycle deal closed in 2020, where investor capital made a 30% annualized IRR. We expect the second full-cycle deal to close in 2021, and the investor capital stands to make more than promised on that deal as well. We have established a conservative culture and tend to under-promise rather than to overhype our mobile home park funds. Our goal is to over-perform on every deal we do, and so far, we have been able to accomplish that.
Never. When considering a new opportunity, we try to “kill the deal” rather than attempt to make the underwriting work. Those deals that prove to be “hard to kill” become candidates to acquire. It’s an approach that reduces the number of properties we acquire, but it allows us room to over-perform on the ones that make the cut.
The preferred return will begin to accrue on the day investor capital arrives in the partnership account. The first distribution will take place 50 days after the end of that calendar quarter.
Yes. Mobile home park investment funds are more tax efficient than most other real estate investments, and each investor will receive their pro rata share of tax benefits. Learn more about bonus depreciation.
Yes, Limited Partners who invest $1MM or more will receive a more favorable split with the General Partner.

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