Mobile home parks are often misunderstood, but their unique strengths make them a powerful investment.

Mobile home parks help solve the most difficult investment riddle: How can you make consistent returns while avoiding risk of loss, regardless of market conditions?

The Magic of Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home park investments have powerful advantages over other types of real estate, such as greater cash flow, predictability, and insulation from losses.  Here are some of the reasons why:

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Residents are Owners

The most unique characteristic of MHPs is that the residents own the homes. They handle any repairs to their home and pay monthly rent for the lot their home sits on. As homeowners, residents rarely move, resulting in stable cash flow for mobile home park investments.

High Demand

Demand for mobile homes has never been higher. The trend will continue as affordable housing becomes more scarce and baby boomers retire. Mobile home parks offer a low-cost alternative in an expensive real estate market, and their popularity increases when a recession occurs.

Stable Cash Flow

Due to low tenant turnover and high demand for affordable living, mobile home and RV parks offer more stable cash flow than traditional investments. Regardless of market conditions, they can deliver higher returns with less risk than other types of real estate.

Performance Through Market Cycles

Park performance is not correlated with the stock market, the economy, or the broader real estate market. When everything else is in chaos, mobile home park investments can offer the most predictable cash flow with the least amount of volatility.

The 52TEN Strategy

Invest Through Your IRA

We’ve partnered with a local self-directed administrative company named Vantage so those who qualify can now invest through a retirement account. Many investors chose this option as a way to build tax-deferred wealth.


A Trusted, Fair Relationship

Every park we acquire is carefully selected based on its ability to protect the investment and provide cash flow. 52TEN then sets performance targets and only shares income after hitting those goals. Plus, as cash flow improves, the value of the investment increases as well.



“52TEN would rather establish a long-term relationship benefitting every side of the transaction than sell you their next greatest opportunity. I have never lost a dollar of principal in the vehicles I have participated in with them, and have developed a friendship that goes beyond rate of return and payoff dates.”


“52TEN stands above the rest. They offer a unique product, but more importantly, Jack and Nate thoroughly vet each opportunity and have the highest level of integrity and transparency in the industry.”


“I invested with 52TEN because I found them to have the utmost integrity and I truly value the business model they present.”


We don’t have layers. You call us, you get us.

Because we only take on a few projects per year, we’re able to maintain availability and the high level of attention to detail we are known for.