Mobile home parks are often misunderstood, but their unique strengths make them a powerful investment.

52TEN’s strategy solves the most difficult investment riddle: How can you make consistent returns while avoiding risk of loss, regardless of market conditions?

The Magic of Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home park investments have powerful advantages over other types of real estate, such as greater cash flow, predictability, and insulation from losses.  Here are some of the reasons why:

Lower Risk

Mobile home park (MHP) performance is not correlated with the stock market, the economy, or the broader real estate market. A mobile home park fund can mitigate risk of loss and deliver consistent returns, even while other investment types are crashing.

Stable Cash Flow

The most unique characteristic of mobile home parks is that residents own the homes. Unlike renters, they rarely ever move, resulting in low turnover and extremely stable cash flow.

Highest Demand

The supply of affordable housing is shrinking, creating the highest demand in history for mobile homes. They are a low-cost alternative in today’s expensive real estate market, and their popularity continues to increase as the cost of housing goes up.

A Passive, Diversified Investment

Within a 52TEN mobile home park fund, investors gain diversified exposure to the performance of mobile home communities through an experienced sponsor who is adept at finding quality and value-add properties, repositioning them, and delivering a best-in-class experience.

How It Works


“52TEN would rather establish a long-term relationship benefitting every side of the transaction than sell you their next greatest opportunity. I have never lost a dollar of principal in the vehicles I have participated in with them, and have developed a friendship that goes beyond rate of return and payoff dates.”


“52TEN stands above the rest. They offer a unique product, but more importantly, Jack and Nate thoroughly vet each opportunity and have the highest level of integrity and transparency in the industry.”


“I invested with 52TEN because I found them to have the utmost integrity and I truly value the business model they present.”


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